The Pyra-Logo

last versions in French and English

French 1 line


French 2 lines


English 1 line


English 2 lines


Prefer versions on one line
Agreed, having the line span the space on the left means less wasted space and actually makes the text look less compressed because there's only two lines in the space under the logo rather than three.

Looking pretty professional now, nice work!
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Yep, one line looks much nicer, the spacing looks better too.

Just one thing, the French one, the text runs right to the very edge [unless that grey area is like a bleeding area or something?] ... I don't think you'd want the text reaching the very edge of the card eh, leave a little gap, like shown on the English one.

Also, one more thing [/Columbo], perhaps align the left most side of 'dragonbox' with the left most side of 'Pyra' ... so move the dragonbox text over to the right a little bit
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