What a great start - prepare for the next level!

here the fixed (hope last revision) of some documents of presskit...thanks to @PowerGod and my friend roberto for all the help.
Included there a zip file with the .odt (for anyone that want to improve it).


  • IT-Info_Generali.pdf
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  • IT-Informazioni.pdf
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  • presskit_odt_ITA.zip
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Hey, I work for TI. I wonder if I can get them to send me there.

I might also submit the Pyra for our "TI in it" segment of our internal newsletter. It won't reach many people, but it's definitely the right demographic.

If you do, please try to meet Gunnar Wolf: http://gwolf.org/node/4068 (if the link doesn't work, http://gwolf.org and look for a post titled "Pyra, PocketC.H.I.P. — Not quite the same, but...")