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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is ZDoom, a versatile Doom engine, able to play many (all?) Doom Engine games.

This port use OpenAL for sound, the FMod (even if present in the menu) is not linked and will not function.

I haven't found a way to make default setting for the Pandora. So you will need to adjust the controls by yourself (a must is the strafe key, ALT is unreachable, and {A} or {B} is much better suited). Also, for the music, change from "Sound System" to "OPL3 Emulator" to have the original musics :) (also FluidSynth and Timidity are available, but you'll need to configure & provide soundfont / patch)

I have packed the enyo-doom launcher. With it, you can easily create Game profile for an easy launching.

I have tried a few AddOn / Full Game and most where working great.

Standard DooM II, Heretic and Hexen worked flawlessy (even with the french PWAD for DooM II)

Brutal Doom II (v19) works, but it's quite heavy and there are some micro freeze when a new sound is playing (i.e., tend to mini freeze when first shooting at a bad guy). You can still play it. I recommand to put 256Mo of memory, and use Joystick + Mouse (with Dual Nub) configuration, and set Mouse as FreeLook in the game config.

Harmony works flawlessly

Chex Quest works flawlessly

You can go there: for info on the IWAD (Full Games) supported.

History log

Build 17

  • Updated libs (openal, gl4es...)
  • Zandronum updated to latest sources
  • Change default OpenAL freq to 22050Hz
  • Fresh build for (G)ZDoom
Build 16

  • Fixed a crash (Bus Error) in Zandronum with ActionDoom2
  • Hacked GZDoom to avoid "Unknow type 9800" with BrutalDoom
Build 15

  • Updated Zandronum to latest sources
  • Fixed a bug on GZDoom that made BrutalDoom basicaly unplayable (was sudenly aiming down when shooting or running).
Build 14

  • New faster and lighter Sound code for (G)ZDoom and Zandronum
  • Updated Zandronum sources (3.0 beta)
  • Added Gamma support to Edge
Build 13

  • Rebuilded Edge
  • Updates libs
Build 12

  • Updated Zandronum with latest sources
  • Removed Warning about old firmware
  • Updated libs
Build 11

  • Fixed enyo-doom autocreation of the engines for good
  • Re-embeded gstreamer. Musics works now on all WADs I tested
  • Higher default mouse sensibility for zandronum (for nubs)
  • Added Joystick support for zandronum
Build 10

  • Fixed enyo-doom autocreation of the engines.
Build 09

  • Added Zandronum engine (with both Software and GL renderer).
  • gstreamer is now used from firmware (you may need to update the Firmware to 1.62+ if music/sounds are missing).
  • Still an experimental version.
Build 08

  • Version compatible with Firmware 1.62 and later.
  • If on older firmware, you don't need to update
Build 07

  • Added MP3 plugins to GStreamer.
  • Added EDGE engine (add it in the engine, command is ./edge)
  • Updates to latest glshim
Build 05

  • Updated ZDoom to v2.7.2 (fixed open door issue)
Build 04

  • Update GZDoom to v2.60
  • Update ZDoom to latest git sources
  • Update glshim to latest git sources
Build 03

  • GZDoom is now an options
  • New gstreamer compile, most music options works now.
Build 02

  • Timidity now works
  • FluidSynth should works, but stay silent
  • Improved Launcher, with Pandora Specific Tab
  • Dual Nub is now usable (but use x11 sdl driver for that)
  • Saves are now in appdata like they should be
Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Based on 2.7.2 on git + OpenAL patch
  • Some Pandora customizations
  • Running using Notaz's SDL driver
  • Included enyo-doom Launcher

ZDoom is featured on pandoralive:

Zandrumum sources for the Pandora can be found here:
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Sweet I need to check it out!

it's a shame that brutal doom has these issues :(
Brutal doom is the best FPS ever, this is a great start. I hope we can one day run brutal doom flawlessly.
Awesome! I have been waiting for this one to work for a long time.  Mainly for ChecQuest3 but aslo ActionDoom 2, shame that don't work.  Still awesome work though.

This is the defacto Doom for Pandora now.  It runs everything (well almost).
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Seems to run all the usual wads. Best featured of Pandora's Doom solutions so far.

Mouse usage is a no-no unfortunately, as a side-effect of using Notaz's optimized SDL.
Seems to run all the usual wads. Best featured of Pandora's Doom solutions so far.

Mouse usage is a no-no unfortunately, as a side-effect of using Notaz's optimized SDL.
I am working on that (modifying enyo-doom to expose Pandora specific config, like Nub or SDL Video Driver)
nice, now we only miss a doom64ex to be able to play almost any doom...
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Hot Damn!  This is great.  When did ZDoom start supporting OpenAL?  I haven't done much DooMing in years, but ZDoom always seemed to be the "port to own" (as well as GZDoom, but Graf Zahl was always kind of a dick).  Sadly, I could never use it because my father didn't allow me to use closed source software (i.e. fmod) while I was growing up.  I'mma hafta try this.
Hm, for me it doesn't work (or maybe I am missing something?)

I chose my Doom II WAD which I also use with all other ports, click on "run", and I only get to the output tab (game doesn't start).

This is the output:

./zdoom -iwad /media/ext4/pandora/appdata/doom/DOOM2.WAD -mb 128 -fullscreen
ZDoom 2.8pre-297-gfa516c5 - 2014-01-07 00:55:32 -0500 - SDL version
Compiled on Jan 11 2014
omapsdl: opened tslib touchscreen
omapsdl: in_evdev: found "keypad" with 84 events (type 00100013)
omapsdl: in_evdev: found "nub0" with 3 events (type 00000007)
omapsdl: in_evdev: found "nub1" with 3 events (type 00000007)
omapsdl: in_evdev: found "gpio-keys" with 16 events (type 00000023)
omapsdl: skip /dev/input/event5 as ts
omapsdl: found 5 evdev device(s).
omapsdl: detected 800x480 'lcd' (0) screen attached to fb 1 and overlay 1
Using video driver omapdss

M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults.
The pndrun sais
Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /mnt/utmp/zdoom/lib:/lib:/usr/lib
QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme.
Qt: Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
[SUCCESS]--- Starting the application (  ) ----------
[ START ]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ----------
[SUCCESS]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ----------
[ START ]--- uMount the PND ----------
[ START ]--- Waiting the Union to be available ----------
[SUCCESS]--- Waiting the Union to be available ----------
auplink:plink.c:223: AUFS_CTL_PLINK_MAINT: Inappropriate ioctl for device
rmdir: failed to remove `/mnt/utmp/zdoom': Device or resource busy
[ START ]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ----------
[SUCCESS]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ----------
cleanup done
[SUCCESS]--- uMount the PND ----------
I don't see anything helpful there ... I have a 1GHz Pandora running the latest OS. I tried default, 4.03 and 4.10 SGX driver versions.

Do I have to change any other settings or give additional command line options to run?
@F-Slim: strange. The output shows it's starting. And then what, it just silently kills itslelf? I tried on a CC also to check and it worked, so I'm puzzled here. Looks like it does,'t like "system default". What is the content of the appdata/zdoom folder now?
I've had something similar to this with one of my doom.wad file. It worked with another doom.wad file.
Is there any way to get this to save which wad you want to run in which gametype?

I create a new ("Add New") and call it "Doom", add Doom.wad - but there's no way to save. If I select the main "Doom 2" from the dropdown, I still have the Doom.wad selected.

So in short, is there any way to quickly choose a game to play? Or do I have to navigate to the depths of my SD Card every time? It doesn't even seem to save the .wad file I chose as a default.

Edit: Scratch that, it's saving now that I've rebooted after installing from PNDManager.

Edit2: Can't get Timidity to work. The log shows a GStreamer plugin error. OPL3 Synth works though.

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Edit2: Can't get Timidity to work. The log shows a GStreamer plugin error. OPL3 Synth works though.

Yep, timidity doesn't seems to works, but I haven't looked much into it. That Gstreamer message is linked to Timidity? Oh, interesting, I'll see why it's looking for that...
There are implementations of timidity that use the system timidity with its sample bank but there is also software that uses its own timidity and threrfore also needs a samplepack included int he pnd or a configfile that points to the right file on nand/sdcard.
Haven't played Doom in years, is this the definitive PND for running it on the Pandora?
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