Release ZDoom

Hi :)

While reading stuff about upcoming Dreamcast games, I found out some of them use hyper3DGE, which is a fork of EDGE.

Do you think it would be nice to have this engine on the Pandora ?

Cheers, Magic Sam

While it is an outstanding example of a fork on the Doom engine (the game Hypertension Harmony of Darkness being the best example of what the engine can do), Hyper3DGE is better suited for mod makers, specially those that want more 3D stuff on their mods.

However it is still a very young engine, it would be pointless to add it to the pandora yet as the onlly games (yes  games, not a mods) that will properlly use the engine are Hypertension and SLAVE, plus they were the main reason to create the Hyper3DGE engine and for now they are exclusive to the Dreamcast.
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Hi all :)

@LuSimon : I agree with you, but wouldn't a port of Hyper3DGE be some kind of an incentive for Isotope Softwork to port (and sell) their games to Pandora ?

On a side note, did you guys already try to run the DooM Voxel Project on the Pandora with ZDoom ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
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New build on the repo. With quite some changes.
The biggest on is the OpenAL Sound Code used by ZDoom, GZDoom and Zandronum. Initialy, this code used GStreamer for OGG & MP3. While that worked, it was heavy and introduced weird micro freeze when loading sound (like in BrutalDoom where it was really visible).
The new code doesn't use GStreamer anymore, but simple mpg123 and libsndfile, making it much faster and removing mostly all micro freeze when sound are loaded/played. So yeah, BrutalDoom does play better now.

In the same time, I have updated Zandronum to latest version (so it's now some beta 3.0) and also quickly added Gamma support to Edge that didn't supported it in earlier build (using pandora gamma script).

Build 14

  • New faster and lighter Sound code for (G)ZDoom and Zandronum
  • Updated Zandronum sources (3.0 beta)
  • Added Gamma support to Edge
The updated build, fully compatible with BrutalDoom, is on the repo.

Build 15

  • Updated Zandronum to latest sources
  • Fixed a bug on GZDoom that made BrutalDoom basicaly unplayable (was sudenly aiming down when shooting or running).
Maintenance release, with some fixes and hacks (the one in GZDoom is already in the BrutalDoom pnd).

Build 16

  • Fixed a crash (Bus Error) in Zandronum with ActionDoom2
  • Hacked GZDoom to avoid "Unknow type 9800" with BrutalDoom
@Magic Sam : probably yes. GZdoom / Zdoom are a bit old build (because newer build of gzdoom need OpenGL2), but if it doesn't work, it should work with Zandronum.
Thanks for your reply :) I'm having a hard time deciding which ZBlood version to try first... ZBloodyHell is the most up-to-date effort AFAIK.

Have you tried any of those "Blood clones" in the past ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
New build of ZDoom PND on the repo.
Updated libs, updated Zandronum, fresh (G)ZDoom build, and some tweaking...

Build 17

  • Updated libs (openal, gl4es...)
  • Zandronum updated to latest sources
  • Change default OpenAL freq to 22050Hz
  • Fresh build for (G)ZDoom
Now I want a pandora
Sorry for gravedigging this thread, but I recently discovered noticed that the latest EDGE build runs noticeably slower/jerkier than the initial build that first included EDGE.

Maybe that LIBGL Batch mode is needed after all?

What I do see is that in both builds I need to activate a swap file or it won't run EDGE with almost anything.