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  1. grahamr

    Pandora The best programming language for the Pandora?

    there is no right answer, here is my opinion depending on what sort of thing you want to build Something really simple : bash applications : python hardware/os related : C sophisticated game/ game engine, particularly when working in a group of developers : C++ low level or hard core...
  2. grahamr

    Release Anki - Friendly, Intelligent Flashcards

    Thanks! This was on my to-do list, 我学习汉语, 在我大电脑用anki。
  3. grahamr

    What Browser Are You Using? How Good Is It?

    Me too. (though i hate iphone)
  4. grahamr

    What You Like With Your Pandora

    GAH! you MORON! My case has a 0.1 mm curve on its bevel! and its ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! ;) Although this thread might not be the best idea in the world (vomit worthy?) it is an honest reaction to the fact the wingers, whiners, and armchair CEO's post prolifically while the people who are...
  5. grahamr

    Release Bournal - Anyone Want It?

    Good point. I have put it on openhandhelds (though it doesn't accept my screenshot for some reason). I will put it in the appstore too (if im judged worthy of upload rights).
  6. grahamr

    Release Bournal - Anyone Want It?

    Hi, I have produced a pnd for the 'bournal' program. I was wondering if anyone is interested in it? It is a little program that allows you to write sort of diary entries and then it encrypts them so noone else can read it (uses Rijndael algorythm - ccrypt). It is a simple program and quite...
  7. grahamr

    Wifi discussion

    I had a D-Link DI-624+ and was using WFE It was horrible (slow wierd disconnects etc). However, I accidentally broke the router in an unrelated incident, and replaced it with a NETGEAR WFR614 over WPA2 It works great now for normal internet stuff. (I havn't bother benchmarking, as im really not...
  8. grahamr

    Have You Encountered Any Defects On Your Pandora So Far?

    Nah, you are WAY off base, I think craig comes across more like Bernard Black from "Black Books", he's nothing like Steve Jobs. :D
  9. grahamr

    Opt Should Sell Op To Someone With Enough Financial Leverage

    I think this is a daft idea. People watch dragons den on TV and think they understand how things work. It is a TV show, not the real world. OPT is small compared to giants like SONY. Well wake up, that is just the way it is, you have to deal with it, you can't just wish it away. Selling the...
  10. grahamr

    Improvements To The Pnd System

    remove hierarchy of pnd placement +1 Ok, this 'removes' the flexibility of choosing how the program appears, but so what? Its not something most normal users want to muck around with. You could have like a system setting 'create desktop icons for programs' and that sort of thing to sort out...
  11. grahamr

    Request: Local Wanna-Try-My-Pandora Session ?

    I assumed he had the technology to fold space, and we didn't : 20 microns for him, 1.2 billion light years for us. (and he still thinks pandora is cool tech! ) p.s. wtf is a nebular?
  12. grahamr

    The usual I cancel and you suck compilation

    Thanks guys. I've had a really shitty week, but i just read this thread from the start, and it really made me laugh.:D
  13. grahamr

    I Got My Pandora

    OK, reviews arn't my thing but Ive had a pandora for a week now so I felt obliged to post something.... In short, I bloody well love it. For me thats what matters. The keyboard is gorgeous to use. The buttons feel good and the keyboard layout all feels perfectly natural and logical to me. For a...
  14. grahamr

    7 Dead Nub Units To Go

    Unbelievable! Brilliant! I got unit *TODAY* I have it in my hand!!! Both nubs WORK!!!!! I don't know *why* the nubs work, I was wiggling them around a lot before i turned it out (just to see what they would feel like to use) whatever - im ecstactic! :D :D Maybe i shoulda kept my mouth...
  15. grahamr

    Pandora Owners: Tried Tablet?

    Fair enough, i'll take a look at it sometime next week, no promises but we will see. (I just got my pandora today!!!) btw. I should have made it clear in my earlier post - wacom bamboo works perfectly fine on linux (e.g. in gimp), i use it regularly. The only issue is porting the wacom module...
  16. grahamr

    Explaining The Pandora

    I agree with the 'cut the china part', not because it some type of censorship about the truth, its just I think that its better to concentrate on the positives of what *you* are doing rarther than the negatives of what other people may be doing. I like the orginal 'not assembled in the...
  17. grahamr

    Pandora Owners: Tried Tablet?

    I don't expect bamboo to work out of the box. But i might look at compiling the wacom module for pandora (i have wacom bamboo - which is not supported by current vanilla kernel wacom module), but i don't really see how a large tablet is useful for a mobile device? Does anyone *really* want this...
  18. grahamr

    7 Dead Nub Units To Go

    count me in!
  19. grahamr

    Good News!

    +1 They don't even release x86_64 binaries! (even flash has supported x86_64 for ages now). This doesn't make sense to me for their service based business model. It *sounds* like they are opensourcing the core, I mean how else would they meet the claims allowing people to port it on any...
  20. grahamr

    Don't Use Lacie 2.5" Usb Hard Disk Drives With A Pandora

    In the spirit of splitting inconsequential hairs unrelated to the actual discussion (the lifeblood of this forum). I'd just like to point out that Taiwan *is* china. Just, umm, a different china kinda like how north and south korea are both still korea.